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There is no doubt that Michael James Lindell is one of America’s best-known business tycoons, political activists, and conspiracy theorists. The My Pillow Guy was born on June 28, 1961, and was known as “The My Pillow Guy.” His company, My Pillow, Inc., manufactures slippers, My Pillow bedsheets, and pillows. In his role as CEO, he oversees the business. A new business venture has been launched by Lindell. Check out ‘MyCoffee‘ by Mike Lindell for all the details.

Mike Lindell’s ‘MyCoffee’- Everything a coffee lover needs to know

Mike Lindell's MyCoffee

After taking your head out of your “MyPillow,” stretching, and facing a new dystopic day, you can sip Mike Lindell’s brand-new “MyCoffee.” This can’t come soon enough, can it? In an advertisement for his new business, “My Coffee,” Mike Lindell states, “This is the best coffee you’ve ever had in your life.” After Walmart discontinued its MyPillow products, it launches “My Coffee.

Mike Lindell has revealed details about his upcoming coming significant business venture. Lindell became interested in the other end of the market after Walmart discontinued its MyPillow products, and founded a new company called MyCoffee. After losing his pillow business, Lindell launched “My Coffee.” At a Right Side Broadcasting Network presentation, Lindell announced the start of his newest business venture. His offering seemed to be Lindell’s only source of income.

Mike Lindell's MyCoffee Mug

In contrast to Lindell’s praise of MyCoffee, all of these statements sounded similar to Colombian caffeine. This is similar to the kind of coffee he described after he praised the coffee and stated that there is nothing like it. His clarification was made in a video. A family operated this coffee business, Lindell said. This cup of coffee could possibly be the best cup of coffee you have ever had. It is incomparable to anything else. All of his publications were researched and analyzed over a period of six months, he said.

According to Lindell, he purchased the beans from Columbians who had harvested their crops. Family-run for generations, we have been in business for many years. Furthermore, despite the fact that it was difficult to find it on sale, he still managed to locate it because he always does it in such situations. Don’t settle for less than the highest quality for the populace.

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Is there a reason behind this new venture?

His MyPillow empire suffered a significant setback due to Walmart’s decision to withdraw the products from its physical and online retail outlets. As a result of Lindell’s public ire at Walmart management for not returning his calls, Walmart lost $100 million.

Due to Lindell’s current endeavor to sell My Coffee, it is evident that his criticism of the retail giant through his Frank TV network didn’t help.


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Where is ‘MyPillow’ now?

MyPillow guy

Lindell has grown into a major Minnesota manufacturer since creating the My Pillow in 2004. The Better Business Bureau revoked My Pillow’s certification in 2017, following a steady stream of consumer complaints. In the end, customers were charged the full price of products as a result of the ongoing campaign, instead of receiving a discount or a free gift. As a result of the BBB’s decision, Lindell expressed his deep dissatisfaction. It was entirely normal for him to feel this way, he said.

Darren Lindell was appointed COO of the organization by Lindell in 2020. As a result of his plans to eventually enter politics, he took this action. Several large retailers removed My Pillow items from their shelves in 2021. Business analysis and low customer interest have been cited as reasons by retailers like Kohl’s and Bed Bath & Beyond. Nevertheless, Lindell believes that the outcome of the 2020 U.S. presidential election has contributed to the controversy.

Who is Mike Lindell 

Who is mike Lindell

Originally from Mankato, Minnesota, Lindell moved to Minneapolis in 1969. His entire life has been spent in Minnesota, where he was born and raised in Chaska. It was during Lindell’s adolescent years that his addiction to gambling began to take hold. He was accepted to the University of Minnesota as soon as he graduated high school, but he dropped out after only a few months. Lindell began abusing cocaine in his 20s and developed an addiction to it. He became even more addicted to crack cocaine after he switched to it in the 1990s. In addition to gambling debts, Lindell accumulated debts from other sources. As a result of his addictions between the 1980s and 1990s, his house was foreclosed upon and his wife filed for divorce.

According to Lindell, he became sober through prayer in 2009. Two marriages have taken place in the life of Lindell. His first marriage ended in divorce roughly 20 years ago, leaving him with children. Following her departure and marriage to Dallas Yocum in June 2013, he filed for divorce. It was reported that a prenuptial agreement had been signed, according to Lindell. In 2019, Liberty University honored Lindell with an honorary Doctor of Business degree for his entrepreneurial accomplishments. Christian fervor runs deep in his heart. What Are the Odds of Self-Publishing? After overcoming his addiction and growing in his relationship with God, he wrote a book titled From Crack Addict to CEO.

The association between Lindell and Trump

The association between Lindell and Trump

Lindell supports and advises Donald Trump, a former president of the United States. In the aftermath of Trump’s loss in the 2020 U.S. presidential election, Lindell supported and contributed greatly to Trump’s efforts to challenge that result. e that result. Massive fraud was also alleged to have occurred in that election, according to him. A poisonous plant extract, oleandrin, has also been actively promoted as an alternative treatment for COVID-19.


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  1. Laura G. Burgersays:

    Why were there complaints about My Pillow pillows! My husband loves his and swears by it as being the most comfortable pillow ever and he has tried many!

      1. We need to call the darned Better Business Bureau, and Walmart and Kohls. Complain how come they stopped selling his products, rave about them. It is surprising how some 100 calls in a month, or even better, emails to corporate offices – CEO is best – can make a huge impact.

  2. There’s just too much of Mike Lindell on TV. Maybe if he hired other people to do some of his commercials, it would not be so obnoxious. Every time I see his commercial, I change the channel. I did buy one of his pillows from bed bath and beyond a few years ago. In my opinion, it was the same piece of garbage that you can buy in the center rack on clearance at Walmart for five bucks. I took it back the next day. The lady at bed bath and beyond told me that 80% of them are returned. I liked him at first, but now he just seems like a snake oil salesman.

  3. Francie Brennersays:

    I totally support Mike Lindell. I’m so proud of him for pulling himself up by his bootstraps and only by the grace of God has made himself a better person and a shining example of what can be. I love his pillow and cannot wait to buy his coffee. And thank you Mike for being so supportive of Donald Trump. You are a true patriot!

  4. I have purchased several pillows, two sets of towels and three sets of sheets, I love them all. The towels really dry you off, what a concept! The sheets are the best and I live my pillow. I enjoy supporting a true American patriot and someone that hires Americans. Keep up the good work Mike!

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