Mike Lindell My Coffee Reviews: Is it Worth to Buy?


This post will offer a thorough evaluation of Mike Lindell’s My Coffee. We will also share Mike Lindell My Coffee evaluations on Facebook, MyStore.com, and other platforms.

Therefore, without further ado, let’s begin –

Mike Lindell My Coffee Reviews

A few months ago, Mike Lindell, the creator of My Pillow, presented his latest initiative, My Coffee. My Coffee has finally gained a position on the market and in the hearts of consumers, according to the most recent evaluations. Initially, consumers were open to its price and flavor.

Mike Lindell My Coffee Reviews on Facebook 

Mike Lindell My Coffee’s official Facebook page has received 4.3 stars.

Here are some testimonials made by customers of My Coffee:

  • The best coffee I’ve ever had!

  • Definitely worth buying!

  • Chocolate that’s the best 

  • The staff is lovely and friendly

  • An excellent Product Of My Pillow

Mike Lindell My Coffee Reviews on MyStore.com

There is a 5-star rating for My Coffee on the official store. Customer reviews clearly demonstrate how much customers love it:

  • The coffee is wonderful! I would absolutely purchase it again. I’m being a little selfish but won’t share with housemates soon enough. It’ll be gone in a week. Besides, they have their stash of My Coffee. Thank you for making this coffee available, Mike.

  • Great coffee, no stomach upset. I love Love My Coffee Mike.

  • This is the first time I’ve bought coffee and I’ll be buying it every month from now on. I’ve never tasted coffee like this before. I’m surprised by how refreshing it tastes and how good it tastes. Thanks, Mike!

  • My favorite cup of coffee has never tasted better or been smoother. It’s better than any coffee you’ve had in a coffee shop, dinner, gas station. Mike’s pods work better in the Keurig than the actual affiliated pod brands (you have to push the lid down with the regular K-cups). Despite its price, this is the best coffee you will ever buy. It is worth trying.

Mike Lindell My Coffee Review by MyPillow

While My Coffee by Mike Lindell’s website has many positive reviews, it may be too expensive for some consumers.

Some individuals are still skeptical about Lindell’s My Coffee formula, despite its claim to be an authentic Colombian beverage. Due to its resemblance to the American flag, its packaging has also gained attention.

The best thing about My Coffee is that it comes in a variety of roasts and sizes, so no matter what your taste is, you can choose it.

With a low acid profile and organic Arabica beans, this coffee makes a great choice for people who suffer from stomach upsets. It’s also a non-GMO product and made from top-grade organic Arabica.

What is My Coffee by Mike Lindell?

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell unveiled his new business, MyCoffee, on Lindell TV a few months ago, claiming it was the best coffee ever.

My Coffee can be purchased on the official website and on Amazon. Unfortunately, Walmart removed the product from its physical and online retail stores, so it is not available at Walmart. Nonetheless, My Coffee is doing well.

How to buy My Coffee from MyStore.com

These are the steps you need to follow to buy My Coffee –

  • Lindell’s MyStore.com is the place to buy My Coffee.
  • Food & Drink” is where my coffee is listed.
  • Your cart will be filled with the selected product.
  • When you have added your coffee packet to your cart, click the checkout button.
  • Information about your shipment should be entered.
  • Completing your purchase requires you to enter payment information.

Final Verdict

The Mike Lindell My Coffee reviews have been described in a detailed manner. I really liked Mike Lindell’s My Coffee, but I don’t know if it’s worth the price. Despite the fact that it is not GMO or has a low acid profile, there are plenty of alternatives. My Coffee is more expensive than these options. These options have a similar taste.

As such, here I am wrapping up this article. Please let us know if you have any questions in the comments section below. We will tryas best as we can too respond as soon as possible.

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